Zelex dolls: Delicate Silicone Dolls popular in Asia

Doll material: Silicone and TPE

Zelex is a relatively new brand on TDF but the factory was established in 2013 with a professional R&D team. Using real person models, each of Zelex doll has a unique and lifelike appearance. They own the subsidiaries WAXDOLL (Silicone) and AXB Doll (TPE). These brands are well-known in Asia but not so much in the West. Zelex has been highly active on TDF, with aspirations to bring these popular Asian brands to the West.




High Quality Material

Very Few Vendors Carry Them

Beautiful and Realistic Faces and Bodies

Very Few Reviews Online

Detailed Silicone Dolls with Good LHP


Affordable Prices and AXB Doll (TPE) has a lot of variety


Their Salesperson is Very Active on TDF