Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe: Anime-Inspired Beautiful Dolls

Doll material: Silicone

Elsa Babe, established in 2017, is a growing brand that specializes in artistic, anime-inspired silicone dolls. Their production team has 20 years of experience in 3D Animation/Game/Film productions and the product designs are led by the well-known Japanese 3D film director. Their product curve and proportion are different from the existing products in the industry: beautiful dolls that are meant to look more like dolls than humans. With large eyes and a pointy head, their dolls have a certain charm no other brand has. They also designed some new furry/animal heads that no other brand has. It is a refreshing phenomenon to the adult toy industry.



High Quality Dolls

Limited Heads and Bodies to Choose From

Unique, Anime-Inspired Faces and Bodies

Very Long Production Time

Affordable Prices for Silicone Dolls

Their Faces Won’t Appeal to Everyone

Breast Size Options For All Their Bodies


Unique Vaginal Textures to Choose From


Realistic-looking silicone teeth and tongue