About Us

A High-end Online Sex Doll Store for High-Quality Sex Dolls with futuristic design and ACG element.

Noheartbeats.com presents you with the most high-end realistic dolls with futuristic design and ACG element. We specialized in meeting the need for not only sex, but also photography, companionship and collection. If you are looking for an active partner, a companion with love, or an artificial playmate with excellent quality at reasonable costs, this is the best place online.

We are the official retailer of Irontech, Gynoid, 6YE Premium and Zelex, and we have a large customer base in the United States and Europe.


Realistic Sex Dolls- 100% Medical-Grade Material

Our realistic sex dolls are made from medical-grade Silicone with metal skeleton. Soft and smooth by touch, our lifelike sex dolls are designed to give you ultra-realistic sexual experience. We are also introducing fascinating A.I. sex robots.


Unique Gallery

We provide a hand-picked collections of high-quality sex dolls from the best brands and manufacturers, listing only the most premium, innovative and authentic sex dolls and robot sex dolls that well-worth the price.

Our Gamelady Gallery collects high-end, video game-inspired dolls, turning video game fantasies into reality.

Our Cyberpunk collects various 1:1 life-size realistic dolls with futuristic design elements such as robots, machines and virtual icons.


Buy Lifelike Sex Dolls at a Fair Price

All our prices are listed in US Dollar. Please check out our accepted payment methods page to learn about the current ways of payment that we propose.


Sex Doll Return Policy

We have a return policy to ensure your best shopping experience with us. Feel free to contact us through email or phone. We deeply value our customers and work tirelessly to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order. Our ultimate goal is to establish long-term relationships with each of you.